naniar (2018/06/25) Unreleased

Minor update

  • Changed common_na_string to include escape characters for “?”, “", "." so that if they are used in replacement or searching functions they don’t return the wildcard results from the characters "?", "”, and “.”.

naniar (2018/06/21) Unreleased

New Feature

  • Added gg_miss_upset to replace workflow of:

    data %>% 
      as_shadow_upset() %>%

naniar (2018/06/10) Unreleased

Minor Change

  • miss_case_table and miss_var_table now has final column names pct_vars, and pct_cases instead of pct_miss - fixes #178.

naniar 0.3.1 (2018/06/10) “Strawberry’s Adventure” 2018-06-08

Minor Change

This is a patch release that removes tidyselect from the package Imports, as it is unnecessary. Fixes #174